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SBI PO Exam 2020: Common Mistakes to Avoid while Preparation

SBI PO, State Bank of India PO, State Bank of India 2020, Common Mistakes, Preparation of SBI PO: As we know, there are around many students who are appearing for SBI PO Entrance Exam. And, State Bank of India will organize an entrance exam for the post of PO every year. So, every time every candidate has to make some mistakes while preparing for this entrance exam. Let us tell you all that this SBI is India’s largest Commercial Bank. SBI Bank organizes an exam to place a number of applicants for the post of Probationary Officers (PO). This requires a number of months for preparation. Preparation takes a number of months so that the applicant should prepare for this exam. Its format will be changed every year. Here in this article, we will discuss all important information related to the common mistakes to avoid while preparing the SBI PO. Everyone has to understand well and prepare your exam.

State Bank of India 2020

So, Here is the list of all Common Mistakes that you should avoid while preparation. Steps are as follows:

  • Not follow a time table

As we know time management plays an important role while preparation of the SBI PO exam. All banking applicants highly focus on time management skills. Their time management skills are equal to their knowledge. Because of the proper time-table, you can manage your exam time. Knowing a time-table plays an important role in the SBI PO exam preparation. For this, just prepare your time-table according to your exam and start doing preparation. 

Make time-table and properly follow all rules & regulations. Practice every day and revise it completely. With the revision, every applicant should be able to prepare for this exam.

  • Avoiding every own Preparation Strategy  

Like we everyone knows that every single applicant has its own preparation strategy while preparing for an entrance exam that is SBI PO. Because of this strategy, every candidate should easily learn all the logical abilities and try to give more time for the preparation of the English language. Because of this, start preparing your own plans, strategies for the SBI PO Exam Preparation. This will helps you a lot.

  • Unclear Concepts

Start clear all your basic concepts related to SBI PO. To clear this entrance exam, every applicant must have to clear all basic concepts and understand them very carefully. Try to solve all basic questions and concepts. Try not to clear all formulas and short cuts because that will not help you to crack this SBI PO exam.

  • Absence of regular revision

Revision is an important part for everyone who is preparing for any government exam. To crack this government exam i.e. SBI PO, revision is the most important part for every applicant. Without revision, everyone should not be able to give proper answers to all the questions. For good marks, maintain and prepare revision work according to the syllabus.

  • Focus on Time

It is important for every applicant to try to focus on the time, which means that try to concentrate on the hours you spent on a particular subject or topic. Try to focus on the quality of the knowledge you gain in a particular time period.

SBI PO exam

  • Analysis of Mock Test

Practice Mock tests daily to clear the SBI PO exam. With the help of a mock test, everyone should be able to analyze their skills, strength, as well as weakness. Whenever you have complete your syllabus, try to focus on the basic skills and mock tests. This will give you an idea of how to get prepare yourself for the SBI PO exam. Try to figure out everything on a regular basis, solve all your mistakes, and correct it.

  • Neglecting any section

For this entrance exam, every candidate or applicant has to pass cut-off marks in every section that includes Quantitative analysis, General Awareness, Reasoning Ability, and English Language. Every candidate has its own capability to learn new things and adapt it. So, start to analyze your strengths and weakness. Prepare every section according to that ability. Because everyone prepares an exam according to the time proportions for every section. 

  • Lack of Motivation

Motivation plays an important for everyone’s life. Motivate yourself every time whatever the situation becomes. While achieving all your goals, you have to keep motivated. Always try to solve all queries with positivity and motivation. Give an extra time period for every solution. Keep all your goals and try to achieve them constantly.

  • Neglect Mock Test Online

It is important for every applicant to always know the procedure of Online format of SBI PO Exam and SBI Mains Exam. Both of these exams were held only online. If you are practice for your exams offline, then always try to attempt or practice SBI PO Exam Online also. It gives you 100% of good results.

  • Take Several Study Breaks 

As everybody knows rest is very important for all of us as we do regular work, whether it is doing the study, or something else work. So, while doing any type of work, we need to take rest for our good health. While doing the preparation of SBI PO Exams, we need to take the rest of around 45 minutes. It is advised to take a break of fewer than ten minutes. Higher authorities will always tell you that always try to save your break time through eating or complete exercise.

  • Never use any Shortcuts 

Well, we always know that there will be provided with a total of sixty minutes to complete 100 questions in the State Bank of India Preliminary Exams. It means that applicants need to complete 100 questions in just 60 minutes for the SBI Prelims Exam. So, applicants need to answer every question in not more than one minute. Every applicant needs to master their skills in the practice of shortcuts as they save time. Never practice many shortcuts while preparing for the SBI Prelims Examination.

I hope every one of you will understand each and everything in this article. If you still have any type of query related to the common mistakes to avoid while preparing the SBI PO, then ask all your queries in the given comment box. 

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