IBPS PO Career Growth

IBPS PO Career Growth, Perks, Responsibilities, Job Profile

IBPS Probationary Officer, IBPS PO Career Growth, IBPS PO Responsibilities, IBPS PO Perks: As we all are aware of the fact that every student or even government-citizen wants to know about everything related to the bank exams. Bank exams such as IBPS PO, here we discuss everything related to the IBPS Probationary Officer Career growth, Salary perks, Job Profile, and IBPS PO Responsibilities. All interested applicants or students should read this article very carefully.


Career Growth of IBPS PO

Let us tell you all that when you pass the Entrance Exam of IBPS PO, then you will get a number of career options or opportunities to get a job in any one of the Bank in the Public Sector. For employee career growth, the bank will take exams on a daily basis. So, here is the IBPS Probationary Officer Cycle that is shown below:

Here are several career options after the IBPS PO job post. These are as follows:

  1. Middle Manager: Middle Management Grade Scale-II
  2. Chairman and Managing Director
  3. Senior Manager: Middle Management Grade Scale III
  4. Executive Director
  5. Chief Manager: Senior Management Grade Scale IV
  6. Assistant General Manager: Senior Management Grade Scale V
  7. General Manager: Top Management Grade Scale VII
  8. Deputy General Manager: Top Management Grade Scale VI

Salary Perks of IBPS PO

As we discussed the IBPS Salary, so all employees have a right or eligible to know more about salary perks. The following are the steps that provided below show allowances of IBPS Bank. Steps are given below:

  • Medical Aid: There are many banks who pay medical service amount to their employees or Officers. This type of payment will be updated to Rs. 8000/- per year.
  • Leased Accommodation: This type of accommodation will be different from bank to bank, it just works like HRA. Many banks also provide official bank statements to a leased house. This will directly get to the Landlord.
  • New Pension Scheme: There will be a benefit of the new pension scheme.
  • Travel Allowance: Many banks have fixed travel allowances as well as give all petrol bills.
  • Newspaper Allowance: There would be the benefit of a newspaper to all Probationary Officers.

IBPS PO Promotion Policy

Here we will discuss the IBPS PO Promotion Policy. As we know, all types of Public Sector Banks always follow the proper rules & regulations of the Ministry of Finance (Government of India). The Ministry of Finance is based on the matter of promotion policy. All Public Sector banks have based on the two types of promotion channels such as the merit channel and the normal channel. The full information of the IBPS PO Promotion Policy is as follows:

Promotional Channels for PO
[Public Sector Banks]

  • IBPS PO Career Growth: JMGS 1 Officer (Junior Management Grade Scale 1) or Probationary Officers salary is in between 23700 Rupees to 42020 Rupees. 

For Different Scale officers

  • SMGS 4 (Senior Management Grade Scale 4): The total salary is in between 50030 Rupees to 59170 Rupees.
  • MMGS 2 (Middle Management Grade Scale 2): The total salary is in between 31705 Rupees to 45950 Rupees.
  • SMGS 5 (Senior Management Grade Scale 5): The total salary is in between 59170 Rupees to 66070 Rupees.
  • MMGS 3 (Middle Management Grade Scale 3): The total salary is in between 42020 Rupees to 51490 Rupees.

The basic entrance of general salary structure is greater in State Bank of India in contrast to other nationalized banks. So, the entry-level salary structure is 27620 Rupees with around four prior increments in the salary structure of 23700-980 (7) to 30560 to 1145 (2) to 32850 to 1310 (7) to 42020.

IBPS PO Job Profile

Job Profile of IBPS PO

Here we will discuss the job profiles of all IBPS PO employees. Steps are given below:

  • Every selected employee will get probation time for two years and this time will be part of different phases according to the bank.
  • The Probationary Officer has to do a job in a number of departments during this time period. They will try to focus on the employee for the very first 2 years.
  • Whenever new employees will be hired, then they will get a job in any of the bank departments or branches.
  • Let us tell you all that the Job profile works to provide guidance on a daily basis that includes customer relationships, loan processing, and payments.

Major Responsibilities of Probationary Officer

Here we discuss some of the responsibilities of the Probationary Officer. Steps are given below:

  • Customer Relationship: This is the most important part of any Bank. In this, every officer has to maintain some customer relations talent and be responsible to handle all customers.
  • Cash Handling: As we will get to expect from PO that they will handle all functions in the bank which includes cash security & cash deposit. This type of information has to be known by only Bank PO.
  • Account-Related: As we can see many banks give all account check duty to PO. It includes duties such as Bank account openings, issue chequebooks, closes all dead accounts, arranges depositing slips, bank passbook entry, creates awareness between the new customers related to bank account features, and benefits.
  • Payment Clearance: It is also a type of PO duty. This has to be done after the clerk will manage and check the clearance system of payments.
  • ATM Related Queries: Many banks have to give the duty to handle all ATM queries such as new ATM requests, lost ATM card, ATM pin number not received, how to block card online, and machine failed to dispense cash but the amount gets to deduct.
  • Loan Processing: During fresher in the post of PO, all banks give the duty to handle only the loan Insurance Department. In this, every fresher get trained and sell all loans according to the rules & regulations.
  • Reporting and Verification: Other types of work such as report transactions as well as all other accounts related problems will be given to the PO. Only PO will responsible for any type of verifying the transactions & make a record of all accounts.

I just hope every one of you will understand this article very carefully and try to obey all rules & regulations. If somehow, anyone of you will get any problem related to this article, then he or she may ask all your queries in the given comment box.

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